Cultural & Community Reserve Fund

As our area’s premier Cultural and Community Center, Barrington’s White House hosts world-class performances, speakers, and artists, as well as providing a gathering place for non-profit organizations. Many generous contributions from our community have allowed us to build long-term support for exceptional programming.

To have a community venue steeping with such local history be a physical resource for cultural, educational and inspirational programming is a lasting gift for Barrington, today and for decades to come.

Kim Duchossois

A Cultural Series Program Endowment would ensure top-quality programming and ongoing cultural presentations including:

  • Classical music performances (three or four annual events)
  • Humanities lectures (three or four annual events)
  • Historical lectures (two or more annual events)
  • Dance and theatre performances (two or more annual events)
  • 3rd Thursdays art events (six or more annual events)

A Cultural Program Director Endowment would fund a full or partial staff position and ensure that we have a highly qualified individual to recruit and negotiate contractual arrangements with world-class artists, performers, speakers, and authors. We are fortunate to have such a person currently in this position who has university-level experience in several cultural areas and coordinates our programs as well as those of the Barrington Cultural Commission. He receives a small stipend for his work, but in a perfect world, an administrative position dedicated to such assignments would be fully or partially endowed to ensure compensation that would result in continued quality leadership.

If you are interested in supporting the Cultural & Community Reserve Fund or in creating an Endowment, please contact
Rollin Potter, Barrington’s White House Cultural Program Director, at 501-766-8208 or
Please consider making a donation to the Cultural & Community Reserve Fund; this allows your gift to make an immediate impact.
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The renowned American String Quartet relaxes on the Barrington’s White House porch before their poignant 9/11 performance.

Interfaith Youth Core Founder Eboo Patel spoke on Interfaith Leadership in the 21st Century.

Celebrated Chicago Historian Geoffrey Baer chats with Barrington Historian Barbara Benson.

The last American prisoner of war in Vietnam, Colonel William Reeder shared his story of resilience and hope.

3rd Thursdays are your Art Night Out! Pictured: Jamie Curry, Carol Foster, Veronica Potter.

Bella Voce Camerata shared intimate, extraordinary pieces written for very small vocal ensembles.