Cynthia Rowley Visits Barrington’s White House

In June 2018, international fashion designer Cynthia Rowley returned home to launch the first fundraiser for the Friends of Barrington’s White House. Deemed “Cynthia Rowley Days” by the Village of Barrington, the weekend included a popular Cynthia Rowley Pop-Up Shop; a welcome party; a sold-out, informal conversation with Cynthia Rowley; and a formal fundraising gala kicking off the new 501(c)(3).

Aspiring designers got the opportunity to showcase their talents in “Project Rowley”—where seamstresses ranging from 8- to 90-years-old made original designs using Rowley’s fabrics. During her sit-down with participants and others, Rowley offered encouragement for their own fashion careers:
“There’s never been a better time, and now it’s so easy to put your stuff out there into the world, tell your story, and create a community.”

Through hard work and talent, Rowley has made a name for herself on fashion’s world stage, yet she fondly remembers her years growing up in Barrington:

I always love coming home. My parents still live in the home I grew up in, which I lovingly call the monument to my idyllic childhood. To some people,
Barrington might be known as a sleepy little hamlet, but to me it’s a place where dreams are made and where creativity is supported in every way.

We thank Cynthia for her generosity, and we look forward to hosting other events and oppo