Generous Donors Support Barrington’s White House

We are grateful to the hundreds of donors who have made both operating and capital campaign gifts to Barrington’s White House, as well as to our sponsors and sustainers, as listed below. We hope that you will consider joining them in our efforts to both preserve this wonderful community asset and provide our community with outstanding cultural and community programming year after year. List updated on 12/31/2019 Luby Chepell
Rose Marie and James Abbey
Ms. Tess Abila
Janet Agnoletti
Robert Alberding
Doug and Donna Alexander
Susan Jantorni Allen
Bob and Marianne Anderson
Anderson’s Candy Shop
Dave and Connie Antler
Jon and Nancy Apmann
Arch W. Shaw Foundation
Richard W. and Patricia M. Ballot
Bonnie Barber
Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce
Barrington Area Community Foundation
Barrington Bank and Trust Co. N.A.
Barrington Cultural Commission
Barrington High School Class of 1959
Barrington Junior Women’s Club
Barrington Lions Club
Barrington Village Association
Bataille Academie of the Danse
Jim and Laurie Bateman
The Baustert Family
The Beaubien Family
Carolin Belden
Gregory Benesh
Susan Benjamin and Laura Knapp
Joan Bennett
Barbara L. Benson
Benson/DeSilva Family
Rob and Lara Berry
Harrington and Constance Bischof
BMO Harris Bank
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Bock, Jr.
Seeger Enterprise, Inc.
Don Bouseman
Bill and Dyliss Braithwaite
James and Elizabeth Bramsen
Susan Brandau
Claudia Brandt
Dean and Tracey Braun
Larry and Peggy Brizgis
Greg and Anna Brown
Dave and Melissa Buckley
Mimi Noyes Burke
Chet and Dawn Busse
Caledonian, Inc./Barrie Heath
Calico Corners
Joyce Carlson
Catalyst Exhibits, Inc.
Brian Cecola
William Cermak
Chapter KF of Peo Sisterhood
Michael and Mary Chesney
Susan C. Morris/Don E. Wolford
Allison Chmelik
Dr. Young Chung
Tony Ciganek
Clarinda Cady Questers
Mr and Mrs. John B. Clarke
Clarke’s Irish Bakery/Matthew Clarke
Brian and Carolyn Clifford
Chris and Liz Cocoma
Earle M. and Virginia Combs
Earle M. Combs Family
Bill and Nai Conners
Elaine Conrad
Dave, Pam and Lauren Conroy
Cook Street Coffee
Tom and Margaret Costello
Marjorie A. Cotting
Country Home & Garden Club of Barrington
The Coy Family
Peggy Crawford
Johanna and Bryan Croll
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Crowther
Bruce and Meg Crowther
Cynthia and Bruce Curin
John and Jamie Curry
Dr. Alan and Joanne Dalessandro and Family
James and Nancy Daluga and Family
The Douglas Darch Family
Nancy S. Davis
Gene and Jane Dawson
Dorothy Shields De Spain
Thomas and Mary Digiulio
District 220
Doering Landscape Company
Dan Donoghue
Austin Doree
Pete and Stephanie Douglas
Polly and Bruce Douglass
Kim Duchossois
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dunn
Richard and Jan Durr
Earle M. Combs Family
Einstein Bagels
Enhance Your View/Bob and Ann Lee
Bogdan H. Fabrycy
Cathy Faust
Louise M. Flannery
Pat and Vince Foglia
Frank and Inna Morgan
Adam and Kristen Frazier
George and Sallie Gill
Girl Scout Brownie Troop #759
Kay and Ted Golitz
David and Bonnie Gordon
Michael and Patricia Graft
Carrie and Laurence Grant
Janice Grant
Dolores Gray
Greene Family
Christine Griffin
Dale and Susan Griffith
Groot Industries, Inc.
Stephen L. Grubb and Linda F. Grubb
Hal Guenther
Nancy and Ronald Hamelberg
Jonathon and Nancy Hamill
Phyllis L. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Hamlin
The James T. Hamman Family
Colleen and Michael Hannigan
Rev. Jeanne K. Hanson
Wayne and Nancy Haraldson
Bill Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Z. Hayward, Jr.
Heads Up Boutique
Robert Heaton
Marilyn Ball Heaton
Heinen’s Barrington
James and Jane Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Herb and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Herb
Peter and Stephanie Choo
Kathy Heyse
Paul F. and Barbie J. Hills
Jane Hoffman
Mark Horn
Linda Reich Hovde
Idlewood Electric Supply
Illinois Clean Energy Foundation
Bill and Connie Schey
P. Denise Israel
Ed and Linda Israelski
ITW Foundation
Jackie Norrbom Jackson
Jennie & Vera’s Cookies
Robert Johnson
Brent Johnson
Barbara Ellen Jones
Ryan and Susan Julian
Donna Jung
BWH Class of ’59
Hillary Kaboski
Vivian Kaczmarek
Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art, Inc.
Jane Kannell-O’Neill
Michael Karon
Dave & Eileen Kastning
Jack and Terese Keenan
Kelleher & Buckley, LLC
James and Linda Kemper
Jim and Julie Kerr
Leigh Kinnamon
David Kizior
Mary Klest
Mindy Kobusch
Nan and Wayne Kocourek
Eva T. and John Kolasinski Family
Caroline and James Kolder
Frank and Marimarie Konicek and Family
Bob Kopp
Tricia Kraemer
Paul Krauss
Robert Kruse
Paul Lahti
Jack and Karen Lambert
James Lancaster
James and Cheryl Laurence
Barbara and Jim Ledinsky
Mr. Paul E. Lee and Mrs. Kimberly A. Lee
Bob and Anne Lee
William M. Lee, Jr.
Claire and Eric Leininger
Paul Leonard
Jerome Libit
Linda P. Larson and Amy H. Lockwood
Corryn Flahaven and Jason Lohmeyer
Joseph Luecke
Marguerite Lyons
William MacKendrick
Micelle Maison
Frank Major
Thomas and Mary Malia
Katerine Mann
Marquardt of Barrington Buick GMC
Cindy Marazzo
William and Carol Marsh
Mary B. Galvin Revocable Trust
David and Carol McClintock
Lee and Susise McCloud
Douglas and Susan McConnell
Susan McConnell Photography
Thomas McGrath
Bruce and Priscilla McIntosh
The McKenzie Family
Elizabeth McLaughlin
David and Margaret McSweeney
Rey Mena
Sandy Gergen Meyer
Anne Miller
Rosemarie and Tom Mitchell
Jim and Molly Montrie
Landwer Family Descendants
Frank and Inna Morgan
Susan Morris
Paul and Nancy Tamraz
Dave and Carol Nelson
The Peter Nelson Family
Northern Flooring, Inc.
Northern Trust Bank
Norton’s USA
Barrington House Bed & Breakfast
Dennis J. and Barbara O’Hara
Bob and Sam Oliver
Joel and Laura Oppenheimer
Rebecca Owen
The Padula Family
Paul Paese
Jim and Sue Pajakowski
Mr. John Papamarcos
Paul Galvin Memorial Foundation Trust
Freddie Herriman Pederson
Roxy and Richard Pepper
Ken Peterson
Marvin Petterson
Bruce and Deborah Pfaff
Charlses Poliszczuk
Michele and Gary Polvere
Dr. and Mrs. Rollin R. Potter
Santosh Puri
Deborah Quig
Quintessential Media Group, Inc.
Joe Rand
David and Sue Randall
Steve and Beth Raseman
Glenn and Barbara Reed
Gil and Kay Reich
Marrion Rettke
Harold and Susan Rider
Kirsten Rider
Rieke Office Interiors/Todd and Libby Rieke
Gail Koieffer Riggs
Mr. Joseph Riha and Mr. Larry Kubacki
Brookie and Earl Ritchie
Robert W. Galvin Foundation
Leslie Roberts
Tim and Lori Roberts
Mary Anne Roeser
Tim and Jan Romenesko
John and Marilyn Roselli
Barbara Ross
The Henning Family
Rotary Club of Barrington
Linda Russell
Russell W. and Priscilla H. Rose Fund
Lucy and John J. Ruth
The Saez Family
Satin Filly
Joyce Palmquist and Doug Saylor
Jack and Carolyn Schaefer
Ward and Mary Schell
Gary and Sue Schmitz
Wayne and Jan Schneider
Sandy Shroeder
Robert Seaver
Mary Sehnert Smith
Gail L. Seidel-O’Gorman
Todd Sholeen
Signal Hill Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution
Signarama Barrington
Jay and Judy Skulborstad
Harold B. Smith
Barbara Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Byron Smith
The David Byron Smith Family
Walter E. Smithe Furniture
Robert Snyder
Tony and Amanda Solano
Richard and Patricia Spicuzza
John and Nancy Spohnholtz
Judy Springer
Lisa Stamos
Thomas Stanley
Steeplechase Antiques
Diane and Norval Stephens
Richard J. Stephenson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stoettner
Erich and Cobey Struckmeyer
Michael Sullivan
Barbara and Don Sullivan
Joseph E. Sullivan
Swiss Automation, Inc.
David and Kathy Tabak
Todd and Tamara Tabel
The American Legion Post #158
The Duchossois Family Foundation
Bill and Emily Reedy
The Garden Club of Barrington
The Grants Network, Inc./Jack Kruper
The James Huntington Foundation Sam and Bea Ellis
The Questers Barrington Chapter #544
The Stodola Family
Don R. Thompson
The Tilly Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tisbo
Frank Todd
Leonard P. Tomaka
Richard and Mimi Troy
Troy Architects, LLC
James Tuttle
Union Pacific Foundation
Susannah and David Van Dam, MD
Nancy Kaighin Van Fossan Family Foundation
Curtis and Marie Verschoor
Post No. 7706 Veterans of Foreign Wars
Brad, Judy, Kris von Sydow
George and Mrs. Maria Molnar Vuckovic
Walsh Anesthesia Services
Wanca Family
Ronald and Cassandra Warren
Brian and Pam Wehner
Hardy and Stella Wenner
Greg Werner
Linda Wichman
The Wickstrom Family
Lynn Geary Wiesner
James Wilcox
Jeramie and Debra Campana
John and Mary Williams
Willow Springs Charitable Trust
Robert Windon
Jack Wine
The Wintringer Family
Troy and Tina Wiseman
Barbara M. Wolff
Dan and Joan Wolfgram
Jane Christino and Joe Wolnski
Gerry Wondrasek
Woodland Foundation
Jeffrey Woolford
Randy Worozaken
Andrew and Elaine Wright
Kathleen Wytmar
Robert Xhaxho
The Yaney Family
George J. Yapp and Family
Lee Hagemann Youngstrom
James Zakos
Kris Zeile
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Jack and Carolyn Schaefer enjoy the Opening Night Reception of Rowley Days.

Audience members enjoyed an intimate discussion with Cynthia Rowley on the fashion design world.

The front doors of Barrington’s White House welcomed all to the celebrations and Pop-Up Shop.