Tom and Mary Malia

Attracted by its size, community identity and well-regarded schools, Tom and Mary Malia have lived in Barrington since 1983, raising seven “awesome” children here. So when renovations began on the historic Robertson home, the Malias embraced the project, understanding the significant role the house could play for Barrington’s downtown.

“First, we thought that salvaging this deteriorating building and making it a part of the Village’s activity would be great, so we supported the reconstruction,” said Tom and Mary. “But we also felt a Reserve Fund was needed as an ‘insurance policy’ to assure that the wonderfully refurbished building would be properly maintained going forward.”

Tom and Mary committed then to becoming the first to support a Reserve Fund. Tom helped coordinate the Reserve Study to determine the size and timing of the financial resources required to properly maintain the building’s high-quality finish and excellent décor—elements the couple feel are a major part of the mansion’s attraction, and that are necessary to maintain the commercial success of BWH.

As a member of the Barrington White House Advisory Board and an ex-officio member of the Friends of Barrington’s White House Board, Tom feels strongly that he has a specific job to do. “My role has become one of focusing on the long-term operational viability of the building, and the Friends of BWH is going to be an essential component of this effort,” he said.

The Malias want to ensure that the building remains viable and beautiful for years to come, saying, “Barrington’s White House is a piece of the complex fabric that makes the Barrington area a desirable place to live.”